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Daniel marlatt

Miskwaa Studio & Outdoor Art Gallery

Daniel Marlatt is an multi-media artist and photographer. He is the owner of the Miskwaa Art Studio & Outdoor Gallery, located on the historic and spiritual Miskwaa Ziibi river (translated Red River in Ojibwa) in Trent Lakes. Daniel’s passion is creating remarkablly unique landscapes and seascapes. He utilizes stone from the Miskwaa Ziibi river and then handpicks wood to allow the natural grains and textures of the elements to materialize and speak without a voice. His work is not only visual but also has a textural element. Daniel encourages his audience to touch his artwork and experience its temperature and texture. Daniel also has an eye for capturing the minor details in nature, which are normally overlooked, in his photography. Daniel is involved with several other art organizations such as Kawartha Artists Group & Studio (KAGS) located in Peterborough, Kawartha Artists Network (KAN) located in Lindsay, and Kawartha Lakes Arts Council (KLAC) in the Kawarthas. He is also on the Art and Heritage Trail and participates in the Victoria County Studio Tour. Daniel hosts several Outdoor art shows during the summer and enjoys showcasing local artists in his Outdoor art gallery.

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samples of daniel's art

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