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Bill Dopson

Woodworker Willie

Bill has been doing wooden intarsia for about 25 years, and is still learning new ideas and methods every time he makes a piece. His pieces are much more three dimensional than most intarsia artists. He achieves this by raising, lowering, and shaping individual pieces of wood. Bill uses mostly natural wood colours, and only uses dye for colours like blue, and silver. Bill has a huge selection of exotic and domestic lumber. He buys his lumber rough, and planes it himself. When he started doing intarsia, Bill purchased a few simple patterns, and then progressed to more and more complicated patterns. He then thought that he would try drawing his patterns himself. This proved to be very challenging, and much more time consuming than he anticipated. It quite often takes longer to produce the pattern than it takes to make the piece from wood. He now makes all of his patterns from 1/8" Baltic Birch plywood, which allows him to use the pattern over and over again. Even though his pieces are made from the same pattern, there are no two that are identical because of the different woods, and texturing methods, used. Bill also uses burning both with a torch and a soldering iron type of tool to add texture, colour, and detail to his work. Things keep on getting bigger and better.

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samples of Bill's Work

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